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IntactPhone - the best-protected extra mobile for security seeks

Your new privacy secret weapon for just $890!

What is IntactPhone?

IntactPhone is a purpose-built ultra-secure smartphone.


IntactPhone serves as your extra phone for secretive communications.

IntactPhone Arcane - your extra phone for safe communications

Who we are?

CommuniTake Technologies delivers heavily-secured purpose-built mobile solutions. We are successfully focusing on homeland security agencies and governmental organizations.


Leading analysts value our solution: 

Gartner has ranked us a top-five solution for the public sector and the de facto number two among mobile solutions that include hardware; 

Cybersecurity Excellence Awards has named us

the 2019 Gold winner for Secure Mobile Device.

Now, we provide our military-grade solution to every security-minded individual with premium mobile security at an affordable price. 

Why communicate with IntactPhone?

Deploying only call encryption is not sufficient.

Commercial devices and operating systems allow many vulnerabilities that hackers exploit to gain direct access to communications and bypass encryption methods.

IntactPhone, on the other hand, is a wholly contained phone.

IntactPhone protects you against tapping, surveillance, and data theft.

It fends-off attempts to seize control over your mobile, eavesdrop, operate surveillance, spy on professional interactions, snoop, steal, and change data sent to and from devices.

It eliminates the attack vectors for cybercriminals:

Man-In-the-Middle (MITM) Attacks

Device exploits and system vulnerabilities

Root access and configuration changes

Malicious, rogue 

and infected applications


Physical data extraction


Careless use

Why will IntactPhone work for you? the magic is inside



Complete multi-dimensional protection: network; device; operating system; apps; use.



Custom-built OS with no Google for skipping vulnerabilities and gaining maximum privacy.



AI-based threat detection engine identifying in real-time known and unknown threats.



A hardened device with a secured bootloader and internal integrity.



Safely communicate with other IntactPhone holders via highly advanced encryption technology.



Centrally enforcing and monitoring defense controls that cannot be bypassed

How we compare

Your top questions answered

What does it mean IntactPhone as an Extra Phone?

IntactPhone is aimed at performing highly secured communications. We have built the IntactPhone to serve as an additional phone on top of your daily-used phone. Using the IntactPhone only as an extra phone for secretive communications ensures maximum protection.

How is IntactPhone used in comparison with other phones?

IntactPhone is purpose-built for secure communications. You can perform end-to-end encrypted VoIP calls with other IntactPhone holders via a dedicated dialer and phonebook. You can perform non-encrypted calls with your regular phone contacts through a standard dialer. You can also communicate with others via Telegram and Signal. The phone has a pre-set of apps for safe communications and additional apps for on-going use, such as the Outlook app for contacts sync and Foxit Reader for reading PDF docs. It allows access to a controlled list of URLs. In addition to encrypted communications, the IntactPhone is protected against malicious cyber-attacks. 

Why were Google services removed from IntactPhone?

Google services collect information that downgrades your privacy level. Access to the Play store generates vulnerabilities. We have replaced Google services with our trusted services to maximize your security.

What is required to run IntactPhone?

IntactPhone secured calls are VoIP calls, so you need data connectivity. For that, all you have to do is inserting an ordinary SIM card as provided by your local service provider. Note that you can perform fully end-to-end encrypted calls only with other IntactPhone holders. You can perform voice calls with regular device holders where your side is encrypted at an additional paid service.

Are there any additional costs?

There are no additional costs for the first year. Second-year and onwards, there is an annual $120 service fee to maintain the comprehensive protection features. Performing voice calls with regular device holders where your side is encrypted requires an additional yearly service cost from the first year that differ by your location.

Seize your privacy.

Get an ultra-secure smartphone for just $890.

Looking for additional solutions that form even more powerful privacy -

-- Local deployment for a private network?

-- Combining encrypted communication apps on regular Androids?

-- Secured SIM card that masks you in the network?

Please talk with us.