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Mobile Endpoint Security


The Intact platform natively integrates specially manufactured hardware-trusted mobile phone, security-rich OS, encrypted communications, command center, & remote takeover technology.


The military-grade secure IntactPhone provides organizations and businesses with powerful, in-depth protection against mobile eavesdropping and cyber-crime.

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Protecting mobile endpoints requires more than encrypted communications:

IntactPhone - Hardened Device

High-end specially manufactured Android device with uniquely built, pre-installed operating system serving as a trusted hardware for secure boot.

IntactOS - Security-Rich Operating System

The Android-like IntactOS contains enhanced security framework and utilities for blocking most attack vectors for unauthorized access to the mobile device. 

Encrypted Communications

The intelligent anti-wiretapping encryption covers the entire communications environment and prevents voice interception techniques while ensuring crystal clear voice quality.

IntactCC - Command Center

The fused Intact Command Center unifies central administration with extended security policy and enforcement capabilities across mobile devices. It centrally manages device inventory and granular use policies, including an internal only enterprise apps store.

IntactApps – Security Utilities

The Intact applications suite consists of threat detection, granular application permissions management, antivirus, phonebook management, and a proprietary push notifications mechanism. This toolset provides an additional countermeasures layer for better defense.  

IntactCare – Remote Control

Secure remote control over the mobile device operation from afar. Provides remote visibility into the device state, including applications used, websites accessed and actions being performed. Enables remote Mobile Device Management to maintain continuous security compliance, while at the same time protecting the confidential voice and text communications.

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Why Choose IntactPhone?


Military-grade protection built from the ground up - hardware, boot, drivers - like no other


Granular governace via infused central command system and Omni-channel support tools


A holistic solution for both COPE and BYO devices, provided via one simple system


September 11, 2017

CommuniTake Recognized in Gartner's 2017 Critical Capabilities for High-Security Mobility Management Report

CommuniTake marks its first appearance in the Gartner report, rated for key mobility management capabilities.

February 27, 2017

CommuniTake Technologies Expands Range of Intact Mobile Security Solutions With Managed Security Services Suite

CommuniTake Technologies, a frontrunner in Mobile Enterprise Security, has today announced the availability of a new managed mobile security suite, delivered by Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs), to enable organizations to safely communicate, differentiate security levels, protect against cyber-attacks, and simplify security management. 

January 09, 2017

CommuniTake Technologies Announces Global Distribution Agreement with American International Radio Inc. for IntactPhone Mobile Security

Agreement sets the stage for global availability of IntactPhone in over 60 countries.

November 15, 2016

CommuniTake Advances Intact Mobile Security Platform

CommuniTake Advances Intact Mobile Security Platform, Expands Suite with Addition of IntactPhone Rugged Lineup to Further Enable Mobile Enterprise Security in Harsh Conditions.

October 24, 2016

IntactPhone Takes Mobile Security to the Next Level

IntactPhone raises the bar on battling mobile cyber-crime and eavesdropping.

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