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The Threat

85M Android Phones Hacked, 10M Infected By ‘Hummingbird’ Malware

HummingBad is a malware Check Point discovered in February 2016 that establishes a persistent rootkit on Android devices, generates fraudulent ad revenue, and installs additional fraudulent apps.

Check Point indicates: “The first infection method the Check Point research team saw was a drive-by download attack, and the Check Point ThreatCloud indicates some adult content sites served malicious payloads too…”


Original source: Check Point. Read the full article >>>

The IntactPhone Protection

The IntactPhone’s command and control center is the only authority allowed to install applications on the device. The IntactPhone does not enable access to the Play Store and the device holder has no ability to install applications that were not initially pushed via the central administration. Given this, the HummingBad malware is blocked from accessing the device and generating its fraudulent behavior.

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