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The current prevailing security mechanisms are not adequate–or practical–when it comes to securing connected care in the enterprise:

Too comprehensive coverage: IoT solutions attempt to support all the identifiable endpoints (or things) that communicate without human interaction using IP connectivity. They settle for a common security denominator that does not optimize the security level for every use case.    

Focusing on vulnerability assessment: Vulnerability assessment partially identifies potential weaknesses, but it does not protect against cyberattacks.

Activating NAC or Network Access Control: NAC solutions lack the sophistication and the real-time protection required to identify and provide adequate security to IoT devices against advanced cyberattacks.


Additional challenges that healthcare vendors are facing are:

  1. Operational liabilities around device onboarding.

  2. Aligning with unexpected device lifecycle.

  3. Meeting regulatory requirements. 


We have designed IntactMed with the active participation of Tier-1 global healthcare organizations. IntactMed introduces an unprecedented proven value proposition that meets your connected care challenges.


Untitled design.png


Built to securely connect
your medical kits


IntactMed Bond.png

IntactMed cellular data terminals safely facilitate the medical kit operation:

  • Run the kit’s purpose-built app.

  • Connect Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

  • Connect to data-only SIM card. 

IntactMed Arcane.png



Pedestrians from an Ariel View


Chart & Stethoscope


Medical kits manufacturers that look to reduce costs across production, acquisition, and subsequence maintenance operations.



Hospitals and clinics that wish to establish repeated and timely treatment. This care is based on remote patient monitoring through purpose-built service and equipment.

Doctor Diagnosis


Healthcare agencies looking to shift patients towards home care by introducing portable devices. Patients can easily use these devices at home without professional assistance.

Bottom-up Protection

IntactMed offers a protection-first bottom-up approach where every device is fully protected and centrally managed. There is no need to assess cyber risks as the security is built inside the OS of every IntactMed device. Every device contains its security, and together, the devices form a monolithic shield against cyberattacks. The stand-alone endpoint protection is constantly active whether IntactMed devices are online or offline, on a network or off.

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Granular Assets Understanding

IntactMed provides complete visibility into the care devices connected to the enterprise. It proactively monitors the device's state, connectivity parameters, on-device content, risks indications, and the alignment of the security posture with use policies.

OS-fused Prevention-First Delivery

Instead of an alert and implied security approach only, IntactMed delivers OS-fused defense through the hardened operating system. This OS is without the vulnerabilities of commercial systems, is a Google-free firmware for better privacy, and contains built-in defense controls as part of the operating system integrated antimalware and AI-based threat detection. Minimizing the attack surface and eliminating the attack vectors block known and unknown threats, malware, ransomware, advanced exploit techniques, and fileless attacks and seamlessly maintain low-risk device posture.

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Personalized User Experience

Connected care device holders require a targeted, distraction-free user experience. IntactMed provides effective use case-specific experience. The user can see and access the apps and settings relevant to the use of the medical equipment only. He is free from redundant Google content and unwanted notifications. 


OS Agility

IntactMed users benefit from the capabilities of a mobile phone form-factor without the attached constraint. IntactMed is free from enforced firmware, services updates, and voice calls functionality. Enterprises can control and time installing the purpose-built IntactMed operating system and the specific use-case apps. This operation frees customers from continuously testing firmware updates and gaining the regulatory compliance to run them.

Untitled design (1).png

Controlled  Lifecycle

IntactMed enables enterprises to control the device lifecycle. The device longevity is coordinated with the customer to plan the device market presence and optimize the utilization of every model. This control, combined with no-surprise OS updates, provides unprecedented flexibility in managing connected care operations.

Rental Readiness

Enterprises gain agility in the business model of IntactMed. The healthcare provider can provide the IntactMed device as an integral component of its medical kit or as a rental device to facilitate a limited-time healthcare service. IntactMed provides flexible enrollment and configuration features that ease any business model for its end-users.

Effortless Deployment

IntactMed is a single platform that seamlessly integrates into existing medical operations, reducing the burden on development and security teams. IntactMed provides effortless deployment through the following competencies: easy-to-defined lock-task mode for accessing allowed-only apps, granting full system permissions to any app for no-limits development, flexible mass-definition of APNs, customized enhancements to customer’s purpose-built apps, and diverse pre-set device capabilities for quick, low-cost onboarding towards delivery to users. IntactMed advanced security with a single product decreases security operations cost and demand for security resources.

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IntactMed Bond.png


Quad-core 1.3GHz CPU

5.5" HD, 720*1440px, 18:9



2500mAh removeable battery 

Wi-Fi, BT, USB, SDcard, GPS

Fingerprint + Accelerometer + Proximity 

Dual SIM

Global coverage via three models


Blue Limbo
IntactMed Arcane.png


Octa-core 2.0 GHz CPU

5.7" HD, 720*1440px, 18:9



2950mAh battery 

Wi-Fi, BT, USB, SDcard, GPS

Compass+G, Light, Proximity, Fingerprint 

Dual SIM

Europe / USA / LATAM / Asia


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