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CommuniTake Technologies Announces IntactMed for Secure Remote Patient Monitoring


To help healthcare providers improve security and patient care operations, CommuniTake is introducing IntactMed - a purpose-built device connecting remote patient monitoring sensors safely. Now showcasing at CES® 2023 offered by AT&T (branded as ICOM)




CommuniTake Technologies 

Jan 05, 2023, 08:43 ET


TEL-AVIV, Israel, Jan. 5, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Over the past few years, the healthcare industry has faced substantial cybercrime challenges, compelling healthcare providers to protect their operations.


Remote patient monitoring providers have experienced huge liabilities and operational uncertainties when bonding their medical sensors kit with regular commercial smartphones:

  • Device and operating system security vulnerabilities

  • Obtaining multiple device models for worldwide coverage

  • Inability to control device lifecycle and software updates

  • Lengthy and cumbersome onboarding process

  • Limited freedom in developing dedicated apps

  • Expensive mobile device management system add-on 


The new healthcare-focused CommuniTake IntactMed device provides everything a connected care provider needs to optimize security, manage costs, operate efficiently, and provide the best possible remote care for patients, including:

Enhanced security. OS-fused cyber defense through hardened firmware without the vulnerabilities of commercial operating systems. The custom firmware supports centrally managed defense controls for complete and continuous protection against cyberattacks. 

Efficient onboarding. Fast, effortless delivery and onboarding leveraging required only apps and services. Healthcare-specific features include quickly granting full system permissions to apps, mass APN settings, no notifications configuration, a lock-task mode for accessing allowed-only apps, on-charging activation, and a highly customizable user interface. 

Centralized control. Built-in Mobile Device Management delivers granular visibility and use policies into the IntactMed assets. Device management built into the operating system ensures always-monitored devices.

Managed lifecycle. Designed with the active participation of tier-1 healthcare providers, IntactMed allows a controlled device lifecycle, including model longevity, no-surprise updates, and global availability with only four SKUs. IntactMed is enterprise-grade and built for large-scale global deployment.

Personalized experience. IntactMed is an IoT wireless data terminal in the form factor of a smartphone. It supports targeted, effective, distraction-free user experience by the medical use case. 

"Commercial off-the-shelf smartphones prevent connected care organizations from being able to execute quickly healthcare-specific best practices," said Itai Bass, Vice President CommuniTake Technologies. "The IntactMed device is the most adequate, secure, and practical handset to connect medical kits. The purpose-built handset constitutes an unprecedented value proposition to connected care operations on building the alignment between mobile security, operational efficiencies, and remote patient care imperatives."


To learn more about how CommuniTake IntactMed can help connected care providers execute remote care best practices visit us at CES® 2023, at the AT&T Business booth # 8663, or go to: 


Contact Info

Noam Potter
CommuniTake Technologies CMO


About CommuniTake Technologies

CommuniTake Technologies solutions secure mobile communication. The CommuniTake Intact Mobile Security platform unites military-grade security in affordable purpose-built mobile devices, dramatically improves connected devices' security level, and lowers remote healthcare-grade deployments' implementation costs and risks.


SOURCE CommuniTake Technologies

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