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Best-secure purpose-built
mobile phone
for your secretive
organizational communications.


Get your Ultra-secure smartphone

IntactPhone serves as your extra phone for secretive communications.

IntactPhone Arcane Front copy.png

Select the mobile security that is Best suitable for your needs


IntactPhone Arcane

> Standard hardware spec

> Affordable

> Global network coverage

Minimum order: 4 devices.

IntactPhone BOND

> Basic hardware spec

> Low priced

> Regional network coverage (2 models)

Minimum order: 4 devices.


> Bundled mobile devices and apps

> Affordable on-premises installation

> Private organizational network

Why communicate with a secure phone?

Deploying only call encryption is not sufficient.

Commercial devices and operating systems allow many vulnerabilities that hackers exploit to gain direct access to communications and bypass encryption methods.

IntactPhone, on the other hand, is a wholly contained phone.

IntactPhone protects you against tapping, surveillance, and data theft.

It fends off attempts to seize control over your mobile, eavesdrop, operate surveillance, spy on professional interactions, snoop, steal, and change data sent to and from devices.

It eliminates the attack vectors for cybercriminals:

Man-In-the-Middle (MITM) Attacks

Device exploits and system vulnerabilities

Root access and configuration changes

Malicious, rogue 

and infected applications


Physical data extraction


Careless use

Why will IntactPhone work for you? The magic is inside

Custom OS

Built on official firmware and device drivers with smart extensions for better security

Threat Detection

Built-in AI-derived threat detection, antimalware, and network monitoring for blocking and alerting malicious attacks

OS-Fused Defense Controls

Extends enterprise mobility defense capabilities with OS-based restrictions and monolithic built-on control that cannot be bypassed

Security Utilities

Applies security enhancements such as persistent VPN, and central governance  to eliminate cybercrime threats

Encrypted Communication

Designed to protect against mobile eavesdropping via up-to-date encryption technology, dedicated dialer and phonebook, and optional secure calls with regular phones

Remediation Tools

Enhances recovery operations through panic mode for in-field risk situations and complete remote control from afar for any-location assistance  

Who we are?

CommuniTake Technologies delivers heavily-secure purpose-built mobile solutions. We are successfully focusing on homeland security agencies and governmental organizations.


Leading analysts value our solution: 

Gartner has ranked us a top-five solution for the public sector and the de facto number two among mobile solutions that include hardware; 

Cybersecurity Excellence Awards has named us

the 2019 Gold winner for Secure Mobile Device.

Now, we provide our military-grade solution to every security-minded individual with premium mobile security at an affordable price. 

How we compare

Your top questions answered

Looking for enhanced mobile security?

> Looking for information on the IntactNet local deployment for a private network? 

> Combining encrypted communication apps on regular Androids? (minimum quantity is applied).

> Secured SIM card that masks you in the network? (minimum quantity is applied).

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