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The IntactPhone is the world’s most secure mobile phone for organizations. This high-end smartphone is built from the ground-up to provide the ultimate defense against mobile cybercrime.


The IntactPhone runs on IntactOS, a custom-built security-rich operating system. The Android-like IntactOS is built from the source code to provide in-depth protection against cyberattacks by blocking the security breaches found in commercial Android operating systems.

Secure Voice Calls

The IntactPhone provides security and privacy by encrypting voice over IP calls through ZRTP. The communications can run on any network; including 2G GSM, 3G UMTS-CDMA and LTE.

Encrypted Messaging

The IntactPhone delivers iMessage like E2E messaging encryption, based on AES256 message encryption with 256 bit key length, and RSA 2048.

Command and Control Center

Infused governance and control center ensures safe use of corporate devices via configurable security profiles. Group-based policies and restrictions define solid use of device features, applications, web browsing and access to network, data and device resources, followed by easy recovery from lost and stolen device scenarios.

Apps Permission Enforcement

The IntactPhone enables granular apps permissions management. Central policies set the device functions that can be accessed by an application and provide the ability to block or spoof requests. 

Internal Phonebook

Built-in phonebook allows secret identity for IntactPhone users along with flexible definition of user exposure policies across organizational groups.  

Encrypted Storage 

Device data-at-rest encryption against unauthorized access. The Encryption key is known only to the device owner.

Remote Control

Best-of-breed remote control over the mobile phone ensures swift recovery from performance issues and security hazards via remote expert involvement.

Self-troubleshooting app  

On-device app ensures seamless device performance and connectivity by providing the device owner with software tests and automated fixes, hardware tests, textual best practices and various repair facilities.


A fully-integrated anti-virus solution ensures that the IntactPhone devices remain safe from known cyberattacks by providing immediate up-to-date defense and threats elimination.

BYO Program

The IntactPhone offers BYO programs application level mobile security. It consists of encrypted communications, command and control center, remote control technology and self-troubleshooting app. It provides enterprise class protection for BYODs against eavesdropping and most attack vectors.

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